Menttium Matters

The MacGyver of Team Solutions with Nabil Raad, Vice President of Data Science at GM Financial

January 19, 2022

This week’s episode features a conversation with Nabil Raad, a global leader who has successfully built upon the benefits of his multicultural roots. Known as "MacGyver", for his ability to always find a solution, Nabil shares a number of his creative approaches to increase team communication and productivity; including (i) rotating leadership, (ii) harnessing data to provide leaders with a “virtual mirror” of their communication/network, and (iii) contracting with an authored professor to serve as both an SME, and teacher to his team.

Nabil also shares his unique insight into cross-cultural communication, resilience, work/life integration, and the system he developed for himself to ‘build the habit of making habits’. This session provides both perspective and positivity!

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